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Summary:Theory behind this class
Author:mark royko
Date:2005-02-16 19:38:16
Update:2005-04-04 07:50:15

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Picture of mark royko mark royko - 2005-02-16 19:38:17
When this class was first posted, there seemed to be credit given to the following URL:

I'm not sure where this credit went, but this is a great resource that explains how this class works and it's limitations.

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Picture of Jonathan Gotti Jonathan Gotti - 2005-02-17 01:00:23 - In reply to message 1 from mark royko
credits still remain in the class file ;)

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Picture of Jeff E Jeff E - 2005-04-04 07:50:16 - In reply to message 2 from Jonathan Gotti
Forgive me, i'm a noob, but can you please provide more an elaborate example of how one would use the following functions? Thanks in advance

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