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Subject:Easy PHP Upload 2.31
Summary:Error Message During Video Upload
Author:Joe Cesaro
Date:2007-07-23 06:09:43
Update:2007-07-23 08:08:01


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Picture of Joe Cesaro Joe Cesaro - 2007-07-23 06:09:43
I recently had some one build a website for me which utilizes Easy PHP Upload 2.31 for video uploading. Whenever I try to upload a video I receive the error message "Temp folder may be invalid". Unfortunately, the person that assembled the website is unavailable to fix the problem so it is up to me to work it out.

Being unfamiliar with PHP I'm not quite sure how to proceed. Where to look for the problem and what to look for when I'm there. Hopefully, some one can offer some assistance in correcting this problem. Maybe a starting point or even a solution.

Any information you can offer to help solve my problem will be greatly appreciated.

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Picture of Olaf Lederer Olaf Lederer - 2007-07-23 08:08:01 - In reply to message 1 from Joe Cesaro

check the support link on the classes home page at

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.