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pb with huge files

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Subject:pb with huge files
Summary:not working with huge files
Author:pascal warnotte
Date:2006-10-17 01:31:09
Update:2006-10-17 05:20:53

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Picture of pascal warnotte pascal warnotte - 2006-10-17 01:31:09
Hi Olaf,
I tried your upload class succesfully in many cases, but I am having a problem uploading huge files (5-600Mb).
when the file transfer is finished, I don't get any message at all, and the file is not in the target directory.
it works with smaller files with the same extension.
I tried with or without the size limitation, but no change...
Any idea?


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Picture of Olaf Lederer Olaf Lederer - 2006-10-17 05:20:53 - In reply to message 1 from pascal warnotte

There are too much ads on this (slow) site...if you visit my own site, there is on the page about this class a link to a special support forum, please ask your question there, I'm sure we can help.


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