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File: examples/9-insert_select.php

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File: examples/9-insert_select.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example 9
Class: PDO_MySQLi class
Access MySQL using PDO or MySQLi extensions
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// includes the file that contains data for connecting to mysql database, and PDO_MySQLi class

// creates object with connection to MySQL
$conn = new PDO_MySQLi($mysql);

// Insert, with question marks placeholders, and values added into an array (in the same order associated to question marks)
$sql = "INSERT INTO `testclass` (`url`, `title`, `dt`) VALUES (?, ?, ?)";
$vals = array('', 'Free Web Courses', time());

// executes the SQL query, passing the SQL query and the array with values
$resql = $conn->sqlExecute($sql, $vals);

// check if the SQL query succesfully performed
if($resql) {
// outputs the number of affected (inserted) rows, and last inserted ID
$last_id = $conn->last_insertid;
'Inserted succesfully '. $conn->affected_rows .' row. Last Auto-Increment ID: '. $last_id;

// simple SELECT (without placeholders) using the last-inserted-id
$sql = "SELECT `id`, `title`, `url` FROM `testclass` WHERE `id` NOT IN( $last_id )";

// executes the SQL query using the same connection object, and gets the selected rows
$rows = $conn->sqlExecute($sql);

$nr_rows = $conn->num_rows; // number of selected rows

  // if there are returned rows, traverses the array with rows data, using for() instruction
if($nr_rows > 0) {
$i=0; $i<$nr_rows; $i++) {
$row = $rows[$i];
'<br/>ID = '. $row['id'] .' / URL = '. $row['url'] .' / Title = '. $row['title'];
  else {
$conn->error) echo $conn->error; // if error, outputs it
echo '0 selected rows';
else echo