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File: geshi/actionscript.php

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File: geshi/actionscript.php
Role: Configuration script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Actionscript
Class: GeSHi
Highlight syntax of source code of many languages
Author: By
Last change: Shorter description for better output
Date: 17 years ago
Size: 11,090 bytes


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<?php /************************************************************************************* * actionscript.php * ---------------- * Author: Steffen Krause ( * Copyright: (c) 2004 Steffen Krause, Nigel McNie ( * Release Version: * CVS Revision Version: $Revision: $ * Date Started: 2004/06/20 * Last Modified: $Date: 2006/06/21 10:38:15 $ * * Actionscript language file for GeSHi. * * CHANGES * ------- * 2004/11/27 (1.0.1) * - Added support for multiple object splitters * 2004/10/27 (1.0.0) * - First Release * * TODO (updated 2004/11/27) * ------------------------- * ************************************************************************************* * * This file is part of GeSHi. * * GeSHi is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version. * * GeSHi is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with GeSHi; if not, write to the Free Software * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA * ************************************************************************************/ $language_data = array ( 'LANG_NAME' => 'Actionscript', 'COMMENT_SINGLE' => array(1 => '//', 2 => '#'), 'COMMENT_MULTI' => array('/*' => '*/'), 'CASE_KEYWORDS' => GESHI_CAPS_NO_CHANGE, 'QUOTEMARKS' => array("'", '"'), 'ESCAPE_CHAR' => '\\', 'KEYWORDS' => array( 1 => array( '#include', 'for', 'foreach', 'if', 'elseif', 'else', 'while', 'do', 'dowhile', 'endwhile', 'endif', 'switch', 'case', 'endswitch', 'return', 'break', 'continue', 'in' ), 2 => array( 'null', 'false', 'true', 'var', 'default', 'function', 'class', 'new', '_global' ), 3 => array( '#endinitclip', '#initclip', '__proto__', '_accProps', '_alpha', '_currentframe', '_droptarget', '_focusrect', '_framesloaded', '_height', '_highquality', '_lockroot', '_name', '_parent', '_quality', '_root', '_rotation', '_soundbuftime', '_target', '_totalframes', '_url', '_visible', '_width', '_x', '_xmouse', '_xscale', '_y', '_ymouse', '_yscale', 'abs', 'Accessibility', 'acos', 'activityLevel', 'add', 'addListener', 'addPage', 'addProperty', 'addRequestHeader', 'align', 'allowDomain', 'allowInsecureDomain', 'and', 'appendChild', 'apply', 'Arguments', 'Array', 'asfunction', 'asin', 'atan', 'atan2', 'attachAudio', 'attachMovie', 'attachSound', 'attachVideo', 'attributes', 'autosize', 'avHardwareDisable', 'background', 'backgroundColor', 'BACKSPACE', 'bandwidth', 'beginFill', 'beginGradientFill', 'blockIndent', 'bold', 'Boolean', 'border', 'borderColor', 'bottomScroll', 'bufferLength', 'bufferTime', 'builtInItems', 'bullet', 'Button', 'bytesLoaded', 'bytesTotal', 'call', 'callee', 'caller', 'Camera', 'capabilities', 'CAPSLOCK', 'caption', 'catch', 'ceil', 'charAt', 'charCodeAt', 'childNodes', 'chr', 'clear', 'clearInterval', 'cloneNode', 'close', 'Color', 'concat', 'connect', 'condenseWhite', 'constructor', 'contentType', 'ContextMenu', 'ContextMenuItem', 'CONTROL', 'copy', 'cos', 'createElement', 'createEmptyMovieClip', 'createTextField', 'createTextNode', 'currentFps', 'curveTo', 'CustomActions', 'customItems', 'data', 'Date', 'deblocking', 'delete', 'DELETEKEY', 'docTypeDecl', 'domain', 'DOWN', 'duplicateMovieClip', 'duration', 'dynamic', 'E', 'embedFonts', 'enabled', 'END', 'endFill', 'ENTER', 'eq', 'Error', 'ESCAPE(Konstante)', 'escape(Funktion)', 'eval', 'exactSettings', 'exp', 'extends', 'finally', 'findText', 'firstChild', 'floor', 'flush', 'focusEnabled', 'font', 'fps', 'fromCharCode', 'fscommand', 'gain', 'ge', 'get', 'getAscii', 'getBeginIndex', 'getBounds', 'getBytesLoaded', 'getBytesTotal', 'getCaretIndex', 'getCode', 'getCount', 'getDate', 'getDay', 'getDepth', 'getEndIndex', 'getFocus', 'getFontList', 'getFullYear', 'getHours', 'getInstanceAtDepth', 'getLocal', 'getMilliseconds', 'getMinutes', 'getMonth', 'getNewTextFormat', 'getNextHighestDepth', 'getPan', 'getProgress', 'getProperty', 'getRGB', 'getSeconds', 'getSelected', 'getSelectedText', 'getSize', 'getStyle', 'getStyleNames', 'getSWFVersion', 'getText', 'getTextExtent', 'getTextFormat', 'getTextSnapshot', 'getTime', 'getTimer', 'getTimezoneOffset', 'getTransform', 'getURL', 'getUTCDate', 'getUTCDay', 'getUTCFullYear', 'getUTCHours', 'getUTCMilliseconds', 'getUTCMinutes', 'getUTCMonth', 'getUTCSeconds', 'getVersion', 'getVolume', 'getYear', 'globalToLocal', 'goto', 'gotoAndPlay', 'gotoAndStop', 'hasAccessibility', 'hasAudio', 'hasAudioEncoder', 'hasChildNodes', 'hasEmbeddedVideo', 'hasMP3', 'hasPrinting', 'hasScreenBroadcast', 'hasScreenPlayback', 'hasStreamingAudio', 'hasStreamingVideo', 'hasVideoEncoder', 'height', 'hide', 'hideBuiltInItems', 'hitArea', 'hitTest', 'hitTestTextNearPos', 'HOME', 'hscroll', 'html', 'htmlText', 'ID3', 'ifFrameLoaded', 'ignoreWhite', 'implements', 'import', 'indent', 'index', 'indexOf', 'Infinity', '-Infinity', 'INSERT', 'insertBefore', 'install', 'instanceof', 'int', 'interface', 'isActive', 'isDebugger', 'isDown', 'isFinite', 'isNaN', 'isToggled', 'italic', 'join', 'Key', 'language', 'lastChild', 'lastIndexOf', 'le', 'leading', 'LEFT', 'leftMargin', 'length', 'level', 'lineStyle', 'lineTo', 'list', 'LN10', 'LN2', 'load', 'loadClip', 'loaded', 'loadMovie', 'loadMovieNum', 'loadSound', 'loadVariables', 'loadVariablesNum', 'LoadVars', 'LocalConnection', 'localFileReadDisable', 'localToGlobal', 'log', 'LOG10E', 'LOG2E', 'manufacturer', 'Math', 'max', 'MAX_VALUE', 'maxChars', 'maxhscroll', 'maxscroll', 'mbchr', 'mblength', 'mbord', 'mbsubstring', 'menu', 'message', 'Microphone', 'min', 'MIN_VALUE', 'MMExecute', 'motionLevel', 'motionTimeOut', 'Mouse', 'mouseWheelEnabled', 'moveTo', 'Movieclip', 'MovieClipLoader', 'multiline', 'muted', 'name', 'names', 'NaN', 'ne', 'NEGATIVE_INFINITY', 'NetConnection', 'NetStream', 'newline', 'nextFrame', 'nextScene', 'nextSibling', 'nodeName', 'nodeType', 'nodeValue', 'not', 'Number', 'Object', 'on', 'onActivity', 'onChanged', 'onClipEvent', 'onClose', 'onConnect', 'onData', 'onDragOut', 'onDragOver', 'onEnterFrame', 'onID3', 'onKeyDown', 'onKeyUp', 'onKillFocus', 'onLoad', 'onLoadComplete', 'onLoadError', 'onLoadInit', 'onLoadProgress', 'onLoadStart', 'onMouseDown', 'onMouseMove', 'onMouseUp', 'onMouseWheel', 'onPress', 'onRelease', 'onReleaseOutside', 'onResize', 'onRollOut', 'onRollOver', 'onScroller', 'onSelect', 'onSetFocus', 'onSoundComplete', 'onStatus', 'onUnload', 'onUpdate', 'onXML', 'or(logischesOR)', 'ord', 'os', 'parentNode', 'parseCSS', 'parseFloat', 'parseInt', 'parseXML', 'password', 'pause', 'PGDN', 'PGUP', 'PI', 'pixelAspectRatio', 'play', 'playerType', 'pop', 'position', 'POSITIVE_INFINITY', 'pow', 'prevFrame', 'previousSibling', 'prevScene', 'print', 'printAsBitmap', 'printAsBitmapNum', 'PrintJob', 'printNum', 'private', 'prototype', 'public', 'push', 'quality', 'random', 'rate', 'registerClass', 'removeListener', 'removeMovieClip', 'removeNode', 'removeTextField', 'replaceSel', 'replaceText', 'resolutionX', 'resolutionY', 'restrict', 'reverse', 'RIGHT', 'rightMargin', 'round', 'scaleMode', 'screenColor', 'screenDPI', 'screenResolutionX', 'screenResolutionY', 'scroll', 'seek', 'selectable', 'Selection', 'send', 'sendAndLoad', 'separatorBefore', 'serverString', 'set', 'setvariable', 'setBufferTime', 'setClipboard', 'setDate', 'setFocus', 'setFullYear', 'setGain', 'setHours', 'setInterval', 'setMask', 'setMilliseconds', 'setMinutes', 'setMode', 'setMonth', 'setMotionLevel', 'setNewTextFormat', 'setPan', 'setProperty', 'setQuality', 'setRate', 'setRGB', 'setSeconds', 'setSelectColor', 'setSelected', 'setSelection', 'setSilenceLevel', 'setStyle', 'setTextFormat', 'setTime', 'setTransform', 'setUseEchoSuppression', 'setUTCDate', 'setUTCFullYear', 'setUTCHours', 'setUTCMilliseconds', 'setUTCMinutes', 'setUTCMonth', 'setUTCSeconds', 'setVolume', 'setYear', 'SharedObject', 'SHIFT(Konstante)', 'shift(Methode)', 'show', 'showMenu', 'showSettings', 'silenceLevel', 'silenceTimeout', 'sin', 'size', 'slice', 'smoothing', 'sort', 'sortOn', 'Sound', 'SPACE', 'splice', 'split', 'sqrt', 'SQRT1_2', 'SQRT2', 'Stage', 'start', 'startDrag', 'static', 'status', 'stop', 'stopAllSounds', 'stopDrag', 'String', 'StyleSheet(Klasse)', 'styleSheet(Eigenschaft)', 'substr', 'substring', 'super', 'swapDepths', 'System', 'TAB', 'tabChildren', 'tabEnabled', 'tabIndex', 'tabStops', 'tan', 'target', 'targetPath', 'tellTarget', 'text', 'textColor', 'TextField', 'TextFormat', 'textHeight', 'TextSnapshot', 'textWidth', 'this', 'throw', 'time', 'toggleHighQuality', 'toLowerCase', 'toString', 'toUpperCase', 'trace', 'trackAsMenu', 'try', 'type', 'typeof', 'undefined', 'underline', 'unescape', 'uninstall', 'unloadClip', 'unloadMovie', 'unLoadMovieNum', 'unshift', 'unwatch', 'UP', 'updateAfterEvent', 'updateProperties', 'url', 'useCodePage', 'useEchoSuppression', 'useHandCursor', 'UTC', 'valueOf', 'variable', 'version', 'Video', 'visible', 'void', 'watch', 'width', 'with', 'wordwrap', 'XML', 'xmlDecl', 'XMLNode', 'XMLSocket' ) ), 'SYMBOLS' => array( '(', ')', '[', ']', '{', '}', '!', '@', '%', '&', '*', '|', '/', '<', '>' ), 'CASE_SENSITIVE' => array( GESHI_COMMENTS => false, 1 => false, 2 => false, 3 => false, ), 'STYLES' => array( 'KEYWORDS' => array( 1 => 'color: #b1b100;', 2 => 'color: #000000; font-weight: bold;', 3 => 'color: #0066CC;' ), 'COMMENTS' => array( 1 => 'color: #808080; font-style: italic;', 2 => 'color: #808080; font-style: italic;', 'MULTI' => 'color: #808080; font-style: italic;' ), 'ESCAPE_CHAR' => array( 0 => 'color: #000099; font-weight: bold;' ), 'BRACKETS' => array( 0 => 'color: #66cc66;' ), 'STRINGS' => array( 0 => 'color: #ff0000;' ), 'NUMBERS' => array( 0 => 'color: #cc66cc;' ), 'METHODS' => array( 1 => 'color: #006600;' ), 'SYMBOLS' => array( 0 => 'color: #66cc66;' ), 'REGEXPS' => array( ), 'SCRIPT' => array( ) ), 'URLS' => array( 1 => '', 2 => '', 3 => '' ), 'OOLANG' => true, 'OBJECT_SPLITTERS' => array( 1 => '.' ), 'REGEXPS' => array( ), 'STRICT_MODE_APPLIES' => GESHI_NEVER, 'SCRIPT_DELIMITERS' => array(), 'HIGHLIGHT_STRICT_BLOCK' => array() ); ?>