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Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: NAJAX changelog file.
Class: NAJAX
Call PHP class functions from page with Javascript
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Last change: NAJAX Release
Date: 16 years ago
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 fixed: serious bug in NACLES; some events were
        posted more than once in case of a slow
        connection to the server;

 added: support for Server Extensions and
        Client observers; you can extend NAJAX
        as much as you want;

 added: NAJAX_HTML extension - tutorial coming

 added: new example scripts - Exam and HTML;
        new tutorial - NAJAX Page Skeleton;

 added: NACLES providers now support the 'port'
        parameter; big thanks to
        JurriŽn Stutterheim;

 fixed: the new client error handling introduced in RC1 - instead of 'onMethodName' it
        was calling 'OnmethodName'; RC1                             08/29/2005

 added: NAJAX Client Event System (NACLES);

 added: MySQL provider for NACLES; you can configure
        it from najax.config.php;

 added: NAJAX_Server::allowClasses(...);

 added: NAJAX_Server::denyClasses(...);

 added: najax.asyncCall in najax.js (najax_optimized.js);
        pass it as last argument to function calls and
        they'll be called asynchronously:

        client.Test();					//  Synchronous
        client.Test(najax.asyncCall);	//	Asynchronous

 added: better client error handling; you can create
        custom method error handlers, like this:

        client.onTestError = function(error) {
        	return true;


        Note that you must return true to suppress
        exception bubbling;

 fixed: when a class performs a callback,
        NAJAX_Server::runServer(...) validates the
        callback - checks if the class is allowed
        and if the called method is public;									08/08/2005

 comment: JavaScript functions have been renamed to

 fixed:   NAJAX_Server::initializeCallback(...) now
          checks if the called method is public;

          been moved to najax.config.php;

 comment: publicMethods(...), privateMethods(...),
          publicVariables(...), privateVariables(...)
          and mapMethods(...) have been moved from
          NAJAX_Utilities to NAJAX_Client;									08/04/2005

 added:   NAJAX_Server support for server side events;

 fixed:   najax_optimized.js has been compressed using

 fixed:   Package documentation has been updated;

 comment: NAJAX_Server::initialize(...) has been renamed
          to NAJAX_Server::runServer(...);									08/01/2005

 added: NAJAX_Server::mapClass(...); use this method
        to map class names to the files where they are
        defined; only the class that is the source of the
        callback will be loaded;

 added: The Chat example now supports emoticons and

 fixed: __clone is now using najaxClone(...) to merge
        two objects; when a method deletes a member
        it's value will be null; when a method adds
        a new member it will be available immediately
        after the call ends;									07/31/2005

 fixed: The Chat example; the class name is 'Explorer',
        but the script was using 'explorer';									07/31/2005

 comment: First public release;
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